My favourite; sports scientists

I thought to start the new series; my favourite. I will choose the running and sports related topic and list some of my favourite things, people, etc. I don’t know how often I will post these, maybe once in the month or more. If you have any a suggestion, I would like to hear them.

Let’s started with sports scientists, these include nutritionist, biomechanics, physical scientist, etc. As you know, there are tons of these people, but I have collected here some who I follow in social media and who are active in there and people whose book or other work I have read. The list is not ranked, as it’s quite difficult to choose the best one as they are working different kinds of fields, and I may not agree everything that they are saying.

1. Chris Beardsley post every day S&C study summaries. His post are clear and simple to understand, so if you haven’t time to search and read research, this the good way to check latest findings.

2. YLMSportScience Ph.D Yann Le Meur is behind these twitter account, he has also website. He posts latest sport science study summary like Chris, but he also posts a lot of endurance sports related things, and his post are very easy read because of all the coloring and animation. As sometimes research might be dry to read, he makes it fun to read. He has also published the book and he’s very active on social media.

3. Tim Noakes I guess every runner know Tim Noakes and his well-known book Lore of Running, he has also published the new book, Lore of nutrition. He has given some much on the running field, the book is filled with science based information. I think every runner can learn something for him about running. He speaks a lot on behalf of low carbohydrate nutrition which I’m not big fan, but like always science and methods share opinions.

4. Ross Tucker The man behind the Science of Sport. Ross might be the one of the first scientists that I found when I got more interested Sport Science. He has website, where you can find his work and research, and he is very active in social media with strong opinion which I like. He has wide knowledge many sports including running and endurance sports, which I’m always interested.

5. Asker Jeukendrup Asker Jeukendrup is specialized nutrition and metabolism, and he has also website my sports science. His post are easy like YLM Sport Science, but he also posts his personal live and training as he is doing triathlon, not only scientific stuff. He has a massive amount of knowledge of endurance training and nutrition, and he has been working big sport companies and athletes.

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