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Let’s continue to my favourite series today, as the topic of running coaches. I have picked some these coaches as I have followed their job and admire their knowledge and work that they have done. Some of them have written a book(s) and made running training methods which are still in use and well-known. They have different kinds of perspective to training and running, and even if you disagree some of their thoughts and method, I’m sure we can always learn some new things and even modify some of the training method. As the truth is that more you read and gather knowledge and test things you will learn to find ways that work for you. We are all different so, which works your best friends might not work for you. Running is the long route, it’s a continues learning.

Again the list is not any order.

1. Arthur Lydiard was runner from New Zealand, who become one of the well-known running coach, all around the world. He’s not only worked with elite runners but also campaigned running health benefits, when running was considered unhealthy and dangerous. His training method is known from the peak season, and how it’s gradually develops speed. Whereas some coaches like Alberto Salazar favor year around speed training.

2. Tim Noakes is awarded scientist and running coach. He has written several books which are very good for all levels. His books might feel too scientific if you are not familiar to read that kind of stuff, but give to try, you might learn something new. If you wonder; “where I need that information, I’m not professional runner?” Well the more you know the running and human body function, the more you learn training and why do certain things. You also learn to listen your body better, as you know what happening.

3. Jack Daniels is coach who has coached all level runners. His books have built training programs from beginners to advanced runner, it’s also explains very simply all the essential terms which every runner need to know. His training method are based on science and VO2max, speed, running economy, lactate threshold, cardiovascular system and muscles’ ability to use oxygen. The seminars which I have watched give very down the earth picture, with a touch of humor and a lot scientific based information.

4. Brother Colm O’Connell also known as “the Godfather of Kenyan running”. Irish running coach who have coached almost all elite Kenyan runners. Many coaches often dream to get even one professional runner to their team, but O’Connell has them so many. Still seems to be so sympathetic and down the earth and a lot of experience and knowledge. It would be an honor to meet him or even run under his sharp eyes.

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