My favourite; runners

Let’s continue my favorite series. Now let’s list some Runners. I find it so difficult as there are so many inspirational and amazing Runners. I know almost everyone on the list is female Runners, even thought I follow and value guys and their work as much. I ended up choosing these Runners, as I follow them social media and they often update training, etc. which I find very Motivational. They show their normal life next to the athlete’s life. Most of them are professional runners, but not all.

Eliud Kipchoge – Those who know me, know how much I admire Eliud. He’s seem so humble, kind and down the earth. In my opinion he’s the best distance runner in the world. I really hope he would break official world record.

Patrick D. Cutter – You may know his instagram irun26point2_ He’s not professional runner, but prove everyone that you can have muscles and still run incredible fast times.

Amanda Cruise – instagram account Olympic trial qualifier, mom of 3. There’s no excuses, as she can prove it!

Emma Coburn – Beautiful, smiley, funny and fast!

Heidi See – Like for real, I love her workout videos and body. And cats!

Brittany McGowan – Goes same category with Heidi See, amazing body and lovely workout videos.

Kelly Taylor, Lynsey Sharp, Eilish McColgan, Genevieve Lacaze, Tyler Underwood, Alicia Keir, Stina Troest, Cory Ann McGee, Shalane Flanagan, Camille Buscomb, Susan Krumins, Ash Horrobin, Milly Clark.
Just a few more.

How’s your favourite runner and why?

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