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There is a brief introduction about me in About section, but I thought to tell a little more.

I’m 27 years old young woman from Finland. I have always loved sports, all kinds sports, that’s why I have tried several different sports like basketball (haha I’m short), taekwondo, dance (all kinds of dances; streets, ballet, jazz, etc.). Almost all these sports included some amount of running exercises, but I never consider myself as a runner. I had that long time dream to someday run a marathon, but I never did anything about it, until about 8 years ago I started really run more, soon all the other sports left behind. Last year I wrote about why I am running, you can find it here.

I have always been competitive and curious, and once I started something I put 100% of me to it, sometimes its works, sometimes not. I’m not fully sure why sports is always been the major interest in my life, perhaps it is its versatility, most of the time there is only you against you. I was a lost a long time in my life, I didn’t know what to do, I had (and still have) many interest in life, but consider them as a job didn’t feel right, I wanted to something sports related, but here in Finland the options are limited, we have only one university that teaches sports science, but I didn’t like the course contents. Also we have few other school, but they have more physical education related stuff, many graduated works in gym as an instructor. I wanted something science based, that’s why I went to the UK, where I studied Sports Science. After that, I came back to Finland and studied certified massage therapist, it took one year. During my time in the UK I started to coaching, which I still do. So currently I have my own business TuuSa Sports, which now include massage services and running coaching and this website.

I’m still looking for studying more in university, I’m not sure yet what, as I’m interested Sports psychology, Sports nutrition and Sports rehabilitation. I love reading, and new information, whether its sports or not. I’m that person who is always interested the little details and want to know what is behind everything. For example if I’m going to old house, which is museum, I’m not only interested the look of the place, I want to know what is behind the closed door and what kinds people there are lived, and all the “useless” information.

Beside my curiosity, I’m actually shy person. I’m more the listener than the one who speak first, but once I feel comfortable I’m quite loud person and like to keep fun and joking. So summarized I’m sports freak, perfectionist, who waits a lot from life, daily dreamer who still work the butt off if needed. I’m help-full person, I often set other before me, but if I can help them and make them happy, I’m happy. That’s maybe also one reason why I’m like sports field, as massage therapist and coach I can help others to achieve their dreams and goals. Sports give so much to use, it has also positive psychological effects and be able to see some one growing during the journey is the privilege.

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