Locus of control and running

Locus of control is the concept of social psychology which Julian B. Rotten (1954) developed to search personality. There are internal and external locus of control.

Internal locus of control
People believe that great results are outcome of their own hard work and determination.

External locus of control
People believe that results are outcome of external sources, what other people do or the surrounding environment. These people not tend to work as hard as people with internal locus of control.

How this affect to running?
Running is not only a group of physical aspects, but also psychological game. Greatest runners in the world have incredible strong mind. Human mind can cheat on body, we need mental strength run fast, when our bodies are tired and each step hurts, we can still continue forward by using our mental strength.

How often you drop your running pace because you are tired and think that you can’t keep up with that pace? How often you think; “I can’t do this?”. People with internal locus of control don’t use words such as; can’t, don’t, not, etc. Each time when we think, we tell your brain that this is the true, this is what you should do. If we use negative words, our brain think that the true, this how I should work. At the same time, we attract those things that we don’t like to towards us.

Before you go to bed think, what you are going to do tomorrow, if it’s running a certain exercise, which is harder and you are not sure how you manage to do it, say to yourself; “tomorrow I will go to ….. and it will feel easy, I’m good and strong runner”. You can also image yourself to do this. This works in every aspect on our life. The more we think things positively the more we attract positive things our life = law of attraction. At the same, we feel better as our mind aren’t poisoned with negative thoughts.

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