Knee pain – exercise and prevention

Last post we looked couple most common knee injuries and what cause them, now we will take closer look how to prevent them.

Strength training:
Side-lying leg lift

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Lay down on your other side, keep straight line from head to ankle. Lift your upper leg and bring it back down. Do 15 reps. Repeat 3 times. Remember do both sides. This strengthening gluteus medius and minimus muscles and tensor fascie latae.

Step up

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Place step up board or other stable raised platform front of you or the side. Step on the board with one leg and push your body up, straighten your leg and step down. Repeat 15×3 times. Perform both legs. This work for thigh and buttock muscles.

Wall squat

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Lean your back against to the wall, squat down keeping your legs and knee correct angle. You can place ball between your knees and squeeze it at the same time. You can either do squat repetitions or stay in squat position as long as you can. This work for thigh and buttock muscles.

Quadriceps isometric leg raise

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Sit on the ground one leg straight front of you. Raise your leg off the ground. Repeat 15×3 times, perform both legs. This strengthening quadriceps muscles.


Hamstring stretch

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Sit on the ground other leg straight of your body, lean towards to your leg.
Perform both legs.

Quadriceps stretch

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Stand straight and bend other leg, hold ankle and pull heel towards buttocks. You can take support to the wall. Perform both legs.

IT band stretch

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Lean to the wall, slide one leg behind the other leg to the side. Press hip toward the ground. Perform both legs.

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