How to make treadmill running more fun?

Some elite runners and triathletes place their treadmill in the corner where they have to stare plain wall during the whole running exercise. This is quite rough way to train, but it’s where good mental game, as you are alone with your mind. Harder the exercise harder the mind have to work against the quitting, this develop runner’s mental ability and make it stronger. If you are not fancy to do so rough exercise and struggling every time you have to run on the treadmill, here are some tips how to make it more fun or at least less bored and more effective.

Music & TV-show/documentaries
Make a good playlist which inspire you, put the headphone on and run. Or if possible set the TV or iPad front of you, choose a good movie, TV-show, document, etc. which is longer enough. Try to choose something that is interesting and take your thoughts away actual running.

Set running program
Most of the treadmill include some variety of ready running program, such as hill exercises, speed workouts, etc. Pick one of them and run the whole exercise through, as the programs include some variations during them, you are not get bored as easily.

Play with the button
Once you are warmed up, start playing the buttons increase and decrease the speed or the incline. Change the speed or incline or both every 5 minutes, do whatever you like.

Progression run
do the warm-up first, then start to run comfortable speed, increase your speed every 5 minutes, as long that you are not capable of keeping it up anymore. You can either come back down (decrease the speed) following the same principle or do the cool down. Don’t increase your speed too fast so that your running will not be too short.

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