How to get back in training, if you miss several days of running

Sometimes we miss several training sessions in a row. The longer the break is, the more adjustment needs to be done. So, how to get back in training, if you miss several days of running. And why you missed those running sessions?

Common guidelines

<1 week = there is no need to make adjustments, but you might feel stiff or lost. This often disappears after a couple of training sessions.

1-2 weeks = run easy for the same amount of runs you missed and then return to normal training. If you don’t have a specific training plan and don’t know how many training sessions you should do easy. Take ~1 week easy. Remember, you don’t need to do all the easy runs on consecutive days.

2-3 weeks = follow the same procedure as with 1-2 weeks, but reduce volume slightly

>4 weeks = follow the same procedure as above, but reduce the volume. Also, the pace needs adjustment, you might need to drop that a little bit down. Find you a new goal race, which is further ahead than the planned one!

Why did you skipped your training?

If the break was caused by an injury, always consult a doctor and coach first. Too fast and hard a return can cause a setback and the injury can recur. Think about what was behind the injury, and continue to strengthening and practice this area so that the injury cannot recur in the future.

If, on the other hand, you were ill/sick, make sure you are completely healthy before you start training again. Small flu can make the situation worse and slow down your return.

If you were on the holiday, where the activity level was almost zero, then just start slowly. You have might lose a little bit of your fitness, especially if the vacation was long.

Don’t rush, you will get your fitness back to the previous level!

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