How to find time to run?

I know there are plenty of people who have family, jobs, schools, etc. which taking most of our time of the day. Sometimes it might be difficult to find time for the running or is it that only excuse, like “I don’t have time”, “I’m too busy”… You might have busy days, but how often those words are just excuse and you don’t use your hours effectively?

Some studies have found that average people have 5 hours spare time during the day, which most of the time we spent front of TV or social media. Now, if you can include yourself to this group, I ask you to think. Think what are your goals, are you dreaming to get better shape, take a part of your first marathon, whatever it is, just think are those goals more or less important than TV or social media. What if you go to do something with yourself rather than follow soap operas or how others spend their life

Do you have kids? Nowadays, kids spent more time inside on the computer or watching TV than 10 years ago, this affects their health and a long-term their habits. Take your kids outside with you, let me cycle while you’re running next to them, they won’t only get fresh air and exercise, but also they learn to more about healthy lifestyle. If you have a baby, put your baby in the pram and go for the run. Many mom use this technique, as they want to lose possible extra weight which pregnancy brings, also baby get fresh air while you are running.

Place your alarm to wake up earlier and go for the run in the morning or the work. Sound awful, yes maybe first if you are not used to it. I used to hate early morning as I’m not morning person at all, I love sleeping, but I love early morning runs, when the streets are quiet and peaceful. Some people say that it takes 21 days to get used to something new, so try it and you will find that waking early it’s not as bad you first think of it.

Running during lunch hour. Personally I don’t have experience about this as I have been jobs and schools where it has been impossible. Sometimes if I have had couple hours break from the university I went to the gym. I recommended to trying training middle of the day, if that’s possible, it gives a nice break and take your thoughts off from work. Exercising also give you an energy to continue the rest of the day.

Running after work. Once you get home after a long day at work, you might feel tired and just want to relax. Wash your feet with the cold water and go to lay on your back, raise your legs towards the ceiling. Relax 15 minutes, get up and go for the run, once you are out and running you feel much better. Hardest thing is the go out.

Find a running buddy, choose a day or couple during the week when you are going to run together. It’s always easier to run together.

Whatever you choose to do, make it habit, even some days might be difficult, don’t break your habits.

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