How to breathe while running?

Do you find yourself out of the breath while running, even in easy pace? Well, you might be out of shape or running too fast for your fitness level. BUT, if you have been running for a while and still battle with catching breath even easy, slow pace, you might use wrong breathing technique.

Use mouth not nose!
Don’t breathe through the nose while running, as you can’t get as much air as breathing through mouth. If your nose wants to enjoy breathing together with your mouth that’s okay.

Use diaphragm (belly breathing) not chest breathing
Always use belly breathing, as chest breathing is too shallow and prevent proper air capacity to lungs.
If you are struggling with belly breathing, you can practice it home. Go lay down on your back, place your hands on your stomach, take deep breath in. You should feel your belly to raise, while chess staying still.

Side stitch
You have might come across this awful feeling during your run. It’s often due to too shallow breathing which leads diaphragm under the stress.

Breathing rhythm
3:3, 2:2, 2:1, 1:2
Have you seen those numbers, probably yes. What will be the correct breathing rhythm? Well it depends your speed, lung capacity and how your body is able to use that air, there are several things and everyone will find good rhythm by testing it. Some rough line can be said, for example easy running is often 3:3 (3 steps during one inhale, 3 steps during one exhale), faster pace would be 2:2, and intervals 2:1 or 1:2 (2 steps during inhale, 1 step during exhale or 1 step during inhale, 2 steps during exhale).

Don’t think too much breathing rhythm, the more you run the easier it gets.

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