How to avoid running burnout?

Let’s be honest, goal-oriented training and running can sometimes be really hard, also mentally. Months of training for a marathon, for example, is not always only a joy. There are bad days, the weather is bad for many days in a row, the darkness of winter tires the mind and the thought of running feels hard. It’s easy to burn out, but it can also be avoided.

Racing and other goals

If you primarily run marathons and other long distances that require months of training, it might make sense to think about small races. Shorter distances between 5km and half marathons do not require much recovery time. These can also serve as good speed training and give motivation and variety to training.

Set other goals, such as those related to speed or distance. Other different physical goals, such as going to the gym, cycling or swimming, which support running can also provide motivation for running training itself.

keep fun

Make training fun and refreshing. Exercise with others, find new routes and listen to podcasts, books or music on long runs. Share training with others, for example on social media, but do not take pressure from it or compare yourself to others. Don’t judge your workout by the first few minutes or how you feel before you start. You often feel good when you get up to speed and the body gets movement.

prepare your mind

Often, training focuses only on physical training. However, you can prevent burnout by preparing your mind for the future. Be aware of what your goals require, this also includes time management. How much time do you have available, so that it is also enough for rest and other things? Trust your coach and your progress, or if you don’t have one, it’s worth getting one. A coach is often a really great support and “cheerleader” when your own motivation or belief starts to waver.

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