How much your beliefs affect you?

Our beliefs, values and attitudes are formed over time, through the different influences (family, friends, society…). Sometimes our beliefs can help us and they are positive, but often they can also slow us down. These affect all aspect of our lives, but this post considers sport and training.


Beliefs can be classified into two categories rational beliefs and irrational beliefs. Rational beliefs can be things like; if I treat people well, life will treat me well later on. Irrational beliefs can be like; others are better than me.

All your beliefs affect your behaviour and how you see yourself. These have a huge impact on training. You don’t need to be elite athletes, to get benefit fit the right mindset. People often say “I wish…”, the things that they believe are out of their reach. Even though often their goals are just in front of them. So, instead of thinking of “I can’t”, “I’m not good enough”, think “I can”, “I will try my best”.

We often like to set a barries front us. Thinking I have never been good at this, doesn’t mean that can’t come to good at it ever. Let’s talk about running, maybe you are want to run a marathon and think, “I have never been good at running”, me neither when I started, but that doesn’t determine us. “I would like to run sub 3 hours marathon, but I’m slow”, well you might be slower now, but that can be changed.

Where your belief comes from

Find out what is behind your beliefs. Then what are your values, what is important to you? This affects your attitude, how you treat others and YOURSELF. And finally, these lead to your behaviour, how you act.

Think how far you can go, by changing your attitude and beliefs. Yes, it can be difficult. But next when, you notice any self-doubt or negative thoughts which set barries between you and what you dream of stop and think again.

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