Goals vs dreams

Are you dreaming? Or do you have goals? Which phrase do you use more often, my goal is or my dream is?
Using certain words determined are you really working on to achieve things in your life.

Dreams are just dreams, we see dreams in the night. We are dreaming to get something or to achieve some things in your life, but in the reality we are not ready to work to get them, dreams are just free imaginary.

Goals are something that we are working on to get them. Goals aren’t free, they need sacrifices and plan. You might have heard of that goals without plans are just the dream, which is true. To be able to achieve something we have to work towards to them, and that we can be work we need to plan so we can know what to do.

Think which word you use more often and why? Do you use dream instead of goal because you are scared? Maybe afraid of failing?
Take a piece of paper and think want you really want to do in your life, it can be small thing or the whole life changing. Write it down, this is your goal, it’s not dream. Under your goal write the plan how you will achieve your goal, what sacrifices, action and step you need to do. Make it realistic, it can and will be challenging. Don’t worry if your plan will change during the journey as long as you believe in yourself and give everything you have to achieve your goal. Goals will always change your life, the change starts immediately when you start your journey, as you start working. You are making something to yourself and maybe other too.

Goals comes true, dreams not that often.

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