Flu season – running

Autumn is here! And probably there too, depending where are you living. Autumn is beautiful season with all colorful leaf, but that also means flu season.

Have you already caught flu if yes, take time to recover. Don’t force yourself to exercise until you’re totally healthy. As boring it might feel to skip training, you just do the harm yourself and prolong flu by training half healthy.

If you aren’t catch flu yet and even if you are, here some basic tips, which can be easily forget.

Change wet and sweaty clothes as soon as possible. Temperature start to drop, and body need more energy to keep it warm. Wet clothes turn to cold very fast, so help your body by changing warm, clean and dry.

Hot shower, what can be more relaxing than hot shower. It also relaxes muscles and warm up body.

Hot drinks, like tea. Warm hugs. Drinking hot tea, you also breath hot steam which might help open respiratory tract.

Make sure you get enough protein. Low protein diet might deplete immune system.

Vitamins, make sure you get enough zinc and c-vitamin on your diet, if you do not consider taking some supplements.

Do not wear dry clothes but warm too. Cover your throat, keep your hands and feet warm. Outer parts of the body get cold, as the blood circulation is weaker in there.

Make your hands are clean. Wash them regularly or carry hand sanitizer with you.

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