The fearless guide helps you to stay motivated and train a stronger mind. The guide includes exercises and tips on how to train a stronger mind, how to set goals, and you will also learn to look at what factors slow you down.

Mental training is widely used in sports, as it provides confidence and strength in the mind-body connection and prepares you for the training session. It’s works differently for everyone, some people like to use more visualization and others pep talks. That’s why there are plenty of different exercises you to choose which works best for you.

The guide is completely FREE and it helps you reach your potential, not only on the race day but also in everyday life. You will achieve the best results in long-term training, so start now and shine!

There are exercises for training season and race day. The guide is suitable for all level athletes, and not only marathon distance, but other distances too. You can modify many of the exercises to other sports too. Don’t wait till the race day, start now, as many exercises can be used during the training period. Get more out of your training and be confident about what comes to the training session which scares you.

Don’t only train your body, train your mind and reach a new level.

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