Exercise or meaning of the exercise

Exercise; reps, sets, rest, kilometers, miles, minutes, hours…
OR meaning of the exercise, benefits, focus on the progress, internal locus, number of exercises, benefits, motivation, access to equipment, monitor adherence, self efficacy, daily life…

When training either the own well-being and happiness or to be successful athlete, the training program is one of the major key in the progress. But there are no point to make just training program, if you are not aware other things surrounded it, for example your goals, timing and current status. Once you are aware all of these, training program can be built. Programs are not just filled of exercises and exercises are not just number of sets and reps.

All exercises have some meaning, each coach should know the reason behind each exercises, even athlete should consider these. It doesn’t matter wether the exercise is easy run or speed workout including certain numbers of reps and rest, both of these are as important and they have own meaning, sometimes there are several and similar meanings.

So, don’t focus just exercise, also focus why you doing it, this also helps to channel your energy in the right path for each exercise. There are always some kind of way exercise types which you may don’t like that much, but once you know the meaning of it, it helps you to see point of it better. The truth is, if you want to develop yourself and become better athlete sometimes you have to do things and exercises which you don’t favor. Often these are also your weaknesses.

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