Does running ever get easier?

Does running ever get easier? I heard that question quit regularly. Most of them are my customer (in massage business), they go to the gym and warm up in the treadmill or casually go for the jogging. It’s also question that many beginners might think.
The answer is yes and no. It depends what are you doing.

If you are running regularly the same speed and the same length, yes it gets easier.
But if you are running various distance and various speed, no it’s not get easier. Of course you get better, but at the same time you challenge yourself all the time. The distance you struggled at the beginning, comes easier, so you pick up speed or run farther. First, it feels difficult and far way of the easy, but eventually you will get better. Its endless circle. Even though running it doesn’t get easier, you get better of it. You make shorter distance and lower pace to easy, but at the same time you make running hard because you are pushing yourself. So, remember where you have started and when you are feeling down and lacks development, you can remind yourself how far you have actually come.

If you just begin running, you just have to believe process and that one day you can also look behind and see your journey.
The other popular sentence that I heard is: I hate running. Those same people who first ask question: does it ever gets easier, also admit that they hate running, but they still do it. Something inside they are striving them, make them continue.

Running doesn’t challenge us only physically, it’s challenge us mentally. Who would love to see and feel themselves doing something poorly, we love the feeling that success gives us. Running and battling and feeling ourselves not good as we would like, hit us down mentally. We hate that feeling, so we hate running. At the same time, we are aware of the truth. The truth that only training can make us better, so beside hate we continue.
What I want to say is, don’t give up. If you see others running so effortlessly and feeling struggling by yourself, you have to remember that you don’t know what kind of inner struggle others going through. They might struggle too, and they are struggled as must as you if not even more. Keep continue, challenge yourself, see the process and enjoy it. Smile yourself and others, we are all nuts.

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