Checklist for autumn running

Autumn is here, or depending where you are living. The season that some of the people love and others hate. Days get shorter and colder. People start speaking about Autumn fatigue, how tired and lazy they are, how they would rather spend evenings inside wrapping themselves in cozy blanket. But, if you are runner, you know that you have to hit the road, even though the warm bed is more comfortable. So, here is the brief checklist for the Autumn running:

During the autumn, weather can change a lot, from wet to warm. Mornings can be cold after nights’ low temperatures and in the evening temperatures start to drop. You might have put some extra layer on, but don’t put too many clothes on as you will warm up during the running. If you have a little cold when you step out that will be okay, but if you feel warm already you will properly feel uncomfortable and overheat during the running. Also wear water and wind proof clothing when there is rain or change for the rain, so you are not get soaked immediately. Go to run inside on the treadmill if there are heavy rain outside.

Remember wear some reflectors or high visible running jacket!

Go to the trails
Make your running fun. Go to the forest and trails, autumn is beautiful season as the trees are colored different shades of yellow, oranges and red. Enjoy beautiful views and breath the fresh air in the forest, far from the traffic and exhaust fumes. Remember watch your step, especially if the roads are covered moist leaves.

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