Beginner; When to start build the speed?

Are you beginner, have you started to running lately? Maybe looking for taking the place for half marathon or marathon next year. Or want to improve your running and speed. You might have been thinking when to start to build speed.

Often, when people start running, they run about couple weeks and notice how their endurance are developing, little by little they can run farther. They might have reached 5km and now they want to run it faster and faster. That’s it the normal way to think, but hold on! Let’s check some things first.

Even though running fast times sound exciting, you have to check following things:

  •  What is your goal? Is your goal to run half marathon or marathon during next year, if so, there are no points to start increase your speed yet. You have to build your endurance first, what is to point run 5km fast if you are not able to run even 21km.
  •  How long have you been training? If your answer is under 12 weeks, don’t start speed training. It takes about 12 weeks to your body build up endurance bases and your body to get used to running. During this time your muscles, ligaments, bones gets stronger and heart and lungs get efficient. There are happening a lot of things in your body and if you skip these you increase the risk of injuries and burn out.
  • Do you feel exhausted while running? If you are running basic endurance pace and feel exhausted and struggling to breathe, you are not ready for the speed training.

Building the base can be boring for some people, but it one of the most important part. Once you have been taking plenty of time for that everything else will develop much easier and safer. Also during this time you have time to fix your running form, as good posture during running will help itself running but also makes speed training a lot of easier.

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