Bad weather on marathon day

As much, the most of us like idea of good weather on marathon, sunny sky, warm weather, no strong wind everything is beautiful. We have been training in months to compete one certain race and picturing everything in our mind. Then race week coming and forecast show, cold, windy and rainy day, we get upset, even little bit scared. What to do?

Of course, running in bad conditions long distance makes running harder both physically and mentally. Remember, all the hard work, all the exercise that you have done, when you have been tired, sore, almost giving up, you have continued, so there weather can’t stop you. It’s always good to run outside during the training season, even if the weather is not perfect, so you get used to the weather.

Clothing, is playing huge part on marathon day, especially if weather is cold and rainy. Before the race, check if there are possibilities that rain stops during the race. If it seems that weather will get better during running, use layers, put jacket or something which you can remove when you are warmed up and weather is getting better. Some people even use, light rainy coat or cut holes to big waste bag for the head and arms to keep torso dry and warm. These are easy to remove and throw the pin next to hydration station.

Bad weather is often affect more the mindset and anything else. Don’t let the fear get take control. Think positive thoughts, before the race, turn the situation upside down, image all the good things, like, there won’t be too hot. Lie to your brain that you are happy about it, so your body will not mind that too.

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