Bad run

You might feel tired before you are even outside, but at least when you are running you feel miserable and tired, you feel like you don’t move forward even if you are trying. Besides of tiredness you are getting angry and frustrated. Only thing that you really want is to go back home. Familiar feeling? Yes, every runner has faced this feeling.

Your run might feel difficult if you are stressed out or tired. Think your life, do you have hard and stressful period in the work/school. Is there something else, which keeps you busy and thoughts elsewhere. Try to minimize all those factors, get a little bit more rest and relax.

Have you been training hard lately without proper recovery? If you have increased your training load suddenly or maintain high training level for a while including other busy life, you might not have recovered. When your body don’t have enough time to recover it will show it eventually, you might be able to do training couple days, before you start the feel tiredness. Best thing to do is the rest and do light workout.

Are you doing the same thing every time? Do you have the same route which you go to run each day at the same pace? If so, take a change, by doing the same thing all over again is not improve you as a runner. Also your mind and body get tired by repeating the same thing.

Have you warm-up? Runners really don’t need warm-up if they don’t do certain types of workout such as intervals. Running by itself is warm-up in many sports, but runners might also need warm-up too. We often end up to start our running too fast, which leads fast fatigue. Switching off the work/school mode to training mode might need little bit time. Imaging that you have sat the whole day behind the desk or doing totally different kinds of physical work than running, your body need to warm up so it can wake up again. During the warm-up your body will start produce more energy and using other energy sources as it prepares you to the main workout. You don’t necessarily need anything specific, just start running slowly, more like a jogging, once you feel warmed up and good, increase your pace.

Main thing is that don’t take it too serious, there will be days which feel hard and your body isn’t capable perform its best. It would be surely amazing if each days are perfect, but like in the real life there are bad days and then there are good days.

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