Training and Christmas time

Training plan, running, food, Christmas Eve, family visit, hurry… PANIC!

STOP! Are you panicking how to survive for Christmas and training?
You may have training plan which you want to follow, but at the same there are a lot of happening during the Christmas, family visit, a lot of (unhealthy) food, all the preparations before the Christmas. Here are some tips how to survive over Christmas!

Enjoy the food:
Eat Christmas food and enjoy it, but eat moderate amount, don’t fill your plate fifth time and feel sick the end of the day. Eat as much as you would eat every other day.

Set up alarm:
Set up your alarm earlier and go for the run early morning. Training during Christmas time reduce your bad feeling after Christmas and it’s easier to continue your training when there hasn’t been break. It is easier to train in the morning before all the food and chocolate. Also going to run in the early morning it’s magical as street are quiet and Christmas lights sparkles.

If not running:
If you are not going to run go for the walk with your family or friends. Breath fresh air and enjoy for time you spent together. Moving even a little bit increase metabolism, and reduce bloated feeling.


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